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Dealing with Fly Tipping


FLY TIPPING 21st CENTURYWe all know what's meant by fly-tipping, the curse of the modern age, but do you know the latest craze?Fly-tipping in other people's wheelie bins.BinLocker is a leading manufacturer of devices for retaining bins in chosen locations.Following feedback and guidance from our customers we've developed a lid locking device that complements the

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Amazon to Assist in the Costs


There are two fundamental locking issues with wheelie bins firstly a locking mechanism retaining the wheelie bin in its chosen location. This is to prevent the bin being stolen, misused and moving in high winds. The second mechanism is to lock the lid so preventing the misuse of the wheelie bin either by the type of

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Local Authority and Multiple Key Holders


Here at BinLocker® we are working with local authorities and waste collection companies to enable collection using a universal key, such as the triangular key system currently used by most local authorities. We have developed a new locking mechanism that incorporates the triangular key devise and locks by means of a segmented disc which, when

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The Future for Waste Management


Domestic waste collection. We at BinLocker® take the view that future domestic waste collection is set to change in the near future. Already some local authorities are taking a more assertive approach to waste collection and adding the responsibility for not only leaving bins positioned for collection but removing from the public footpath within a

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Wheelie bin stolen from outside woman’s house


From The Mirror 14 JAN 2016 (link) A disgruntled homeowner has been billed £25 by her local council - because her bin was stolen from outside her house. Emily Cole’s new ‘slimline’ 140-litre wheelie bin has gone missing and she has been told she will have to fork out to replace it. The digital media officer, who

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Shut Your Bins Or Face Action!


Councils across the country are issuing exhaustive lists of rules governing how we take the bins out. From warning 'action will be taken' for not shutting bin lids to asking people to snoop on their neighbours to check how they sort their waste, simply putting the rubbish out seems to be becoming harder. Some residents have

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