Here you can find some of our frequently asked questions on bin locks and the Binlocker.

What do I need to fit the BinLocker?2019-01-21T10:34:29+00:00

You will need an electric drill to drill the holes to fix the wooden fixing block

What can I fit the BinLocker too?2019-01-21T10:35:56+00:00

You can fit the BinLocker to any structure or item that isn’t easy to move. You can see our video on YouTube showing how simple it is to fit the Binlocker.

Is the wood treated for outside use?2019-01-21T10:36:46+00:00

Yes the word is power filled treated wood but ideally can be painted with any external wood paint.

What if I lose one of the keys or even both?2019-01-21T10:37:58+00:00

We do an exchange. You send back the BinLocker at your own cost and we will replace whichever lock needs replacing for £2 plus the cost of postage

Do you supply fixing blocks for two possibly three wheelie bins side by side?2019-01-21T10:38:21+00:00

Yes we can supply a back block up to 1200mm long for fitting three bins side by side. Check with sales for current pricing

Does the BinLocker rust?2019-01-21T10:38:44+00:00

All the component parts are zinc plated to prevent rust and should give many years good service

Can you recommend anybody to help fit the bin lockers?2019-01-21T10:39:54+00:00

We are in the process of contacting BinLocker customers asking if they would be prepared to assist those less able in fitting wheelie bin locks. Simply send us your location and we can check with a previous buyer in your area.

Will it fit all the wheelie bins currently supplied by local authorities?2019-01-21T10:40:11+00:00

The BinLocker  fits all currently supplied wheelie bins, by local authorities, the width between the tangs is 170mm

We are a publicly listed company with park homes throughout the UK and abroad. Do you supply and fit BinLocker mechanisms with a common key system?2019-01-21T10:40:53+00:00

In cases such as this we supply and fit a BinLocker with a padlock common to all the BinLockers. We supply a triangular key mechanism common to all the bin lockers for holding the lid in position if required.

Is the BinLocker made in the UK?2019-01-21T10:41:46+00:00

All component parts are manufactured in the UK.

Currently the locks are supplied from China but we are looking into designing a simpler locking mechanism manufactured in the UK.

My council plan to supply a small brown wheelie bin for food waste. Does the bin Locker fit this bin?2019-01-21T10:42:24+00:00

The bins that most councils are nominating for food waste collection are too narrow for the current model BinLocker.

We are hoping to introduce a narrow BinLocker within the next few months.

Can the BinLocker be fitted back to back?2019-01-21T10:42:46+00:00

Yes two wooden blocks can be screwed together for fixing bin lockers or alternatively BinLockers can be fitted either side of a fence or gate etc

How do I know which size BinLocker lid strap to buy?2019-08-08T11:25:48+00:00

Most bins used by local authorities and throughout the industry are two sizes the 140 litre and the 240 litre.

The sizing is normally at the front of the bin lid.

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